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Damage Prevention Seminars

New Jersey facility operators, including Atlantic City Electric, Elizabethtown Gas, Jersey Central Power & Light, New Jersey Natural Gas, Public Service Electric and Gas, South Jersey Gas, United Water, Verizon and New Jersey One Call Center, will be hosting our 7th year series of meetings throughout the state to educate and promote the importance of underground utility safety. We encourage you and/or your staff to attend one of these FREE sessions to learn more about damage prevention and why it’s so important to call 811 for a mark out before you dig – it’s the law in New Jersey.


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Know What's Below - Call Before You Dig! If you are digging in New Jersey and need to know 'what's below', please review the following steps and follow the process to ensure a safe excavation experience!

Check out the 2014 Contractor Meeting Damage Prevention and Safety Slide Show, accessible from the Training and Safety page!

Digging can be a dangerous activity. Everyone must take steps to protect underground utilities and avoid interruption of vital services, property damage and even possible injury. Take the following steps every time you dig and to help avoid damages, prevent expensive repairs, project delays and costly fines.

New Jersey Law requires anyone digging to call at least three full business days (not counting weekends or holidays), prior beginning work.  This includes professional excavators as well as property and home owners contractors. Call New Jersey One Call at 811 or 800-272-1000 any time of the day or night and take the following steps:

for the site to be marked with paint, flags or stakes. 

Click here to see what colors each utility company uses.

This means hand digging within 2 feet either side of any marked facility.

  • PROFESSIONAL EXCAVATORS - NEW WAYS TO GET YOUR MARKOUTS: ITIC! You no longer need to call in your markouts! New Jersey One Call is pleased to offer our new and FREE Internet-based program for entering locate requests, ITIC.


  • REMINDER FOR EXCAVATORS!!! Please use the town/municipality you are working in, not the postal address.


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