What type of tickets does the One Call Center process?

  • ROUTINE - A regular locate, must wait 3 business days for a mark out, begin digging within 10 business days, ticket expires in 45 business days.
  • UPDATE - If there is a reason to update your routine ticket, such as: mismark, not marked etc.
  • DAMAGE FACILITY - If you nick or damage an underground facility, you can call the utility in question and then call the one call center to report the damage.
  • EMERGENCY - Any condition constituting a clear and present danger to life, health or property caused by the escape of any material or substance transported by means of an underground facility or interruption of a vital communication or public service that requires immediate action.


What are the hours for the One Call Center?

You can call the One Call center, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, every day of the year.


What questions will I be asked when I call New Jersey One Call?

  • Company Name / Homeowner
  • First name / Last name
  • Your telephone number, area code first. Please be accurate.
  • Company's mailing address / Homeowner's address
  • Company's phone number (accurate please)
  • Fax number (accurate please)
  • Cell phone or pager number
  • Email address
  • Town/municipality where work is being done
  • Working in a sub-division (development or complex)?
  • County where work is being done
  • Latitude and Longitude (optional)
  • Dig address - this must be in the town or municipality you are digging in
  • Nearest intersecting street - in the town or municipality you are digging in
  • Another intersecting street (optional)
  • Block and Lot number / posted (optional)
  • If the area is marked in white. How many markings? For multiple white marks, how are they labeled?
  • Where on property can they be found?
  • Type of work
  • You may be asked to provide directions and distance to the dig site
  • How deep are you digging?
  • What is the name of the company you are working for?
  • What is the first and last name of the contact for the company you are working for?
  • Their mailing address, phone, fax


What do the colors mean?

Who marks the lines?

Facility operators are responsible to mark out their facilities; often they will have a third party company do their markouts. The New Jersey One Call center does not do mark outs.


What should I do if the utility companies do not mark the lines?

Call the One Call Center with your original ticket number and advise the Customer Service representative of the company that did not mark out.


Should I mark out in white before calling the One Call Center?

If possible, mark out the area that will be excavated in white, before calling the center. Advise the operator where the area marked in white is located, how many areas are marked in white and any other pertinent information.


Who should call the One Call Center?

Anyone planning to dig (excavation, demolition, blasting) small or large, construction project or homeowner.


If a homeowner is hiring a contractor to do the digging, then it is the responsibility of the contractor to call for the dig ticket.

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