Markout Processing Tips

When processing a markout you have the following options available:



  • Entire Property. (ONLY available with ADDRESS or POSTED Block & Lot)
  • Curb to Curb.
  • Curb to ___ ft. Behind Curb (of given address)
  • ___ ft. Behind Opposite Curb (of given address)
  • ___ ft. Behind Both Curbs (available only on "0" address markouts)
  • ___ C/L of street to ___ ft. Behind Curb.
  • ___ ft. PERIMETER of building/structure.
    • When requesting a perimeter on a "0" address markout you MUST be able to provide the DISTANCE behind WHICH curb the building/structure is located.
  • ___ ft. RADIUS of (pole / hydrant / etc...)
  • When requesting a radius on a "0" address markout you MUST be able to provide the DISTANCE behind WHICH specific curb the pole/hydrant/etc... is located.
  • Area(s) Marked in WHITE
    • To choose this option you must be able to provide the operator with NUMBER of white markings, if they are coded (A,B,C,1,2,3,etc..), and WHERE on the property the area is marked in white (Front, Rear, Left Side, Right Side).
    • You must be able to tell the operator whether the addresses you are providing are:
    • Consecutive All (you are working from the lowest to the highest number provided)
    • Consecutive Even (you are working at ONLY the even numbered addresses)
    • Consecutive Odd (you are working at ONLY the odd numbered addresses)
    • Side by Side (the provided addresses are two properties directly next to each other)
    • One Building (the address range belongs to ONE property/bldg)



  • Primary Street (street work will be On/Along/Nearest to)
  • At least ONE nearest DIRECT INTERSECTING street.
  • Footage & Directionfrom the INTERSECTION that will cover the ENTIRE dig area.
    • If working at a pole/hydrant/transformer/white marking/ etc., you may simply give distance and direction TO WHERE THE AREA OR OBJECT IS PHYSICALLY LOCATED from the intersection.
  • If working on a large tract of land (park/school/military base/etc..), please have available to you additional streets that can be used as boundaries around your work area so that the operator may take the necessary grids to ensure all utilities near your work area are notified.
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